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these lil piggies

One of the things I like about roaming the streets of cities is coming across random graffitti. This colourful door is in templebar and by the time people have read this it will probably have chnged into something new. The funny thing was.. I had only taken this photo a few days when I saw the Pig again as a work of art on the railings of stephens green park. (I was on a bus at the time so I didn’t get to find out who it was)

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Thanks to sub city comics (and the reminder to go through zombie season on I got to meet the artist of ‘The Walking Dead’ comic Charlie Adlard. Really nice guy. Charming and patient and gave every fan that came to see him time and attention.

The guy before me was thrilled with his drawing, featuring himself as the unfortunate hapless head!

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from russia with love

another find in a click link wander has led me to this talented lady, Sedova Elana. I like the choice of colours, the feel of the dogs skin around the eyes and the emotion of the picture.

the website also has cute bunny animations on it’s title rollovers

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lil illy

the wonderful thing about Flickr (and ain’t flckr a wonderful thing) is that whilst roaming through language is no barrier to finding the most delightful of stuff. these, for example, by spain based Pau Morgan can be enjoyed anywhere 🙂
Illustration ‘Freedom’ and illustrated post card Malota
Her Flickr pics are (understandably) set up to not repost here but I highly recommend checking them out for yourself.

her website is at