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Projecting the Future

walking home new years morning 2010This morning an unexpected discussion on Twitter (thanks Rory) made me aware of something called Project 12. I knew of Project 365 (where you take one photograph a day for 365 days) and had even given it a go. My first photo was about 2am on News Years morning 2010 walking home in the snow (it wasn’t very good though so the shot here was the 2nd shot of the walk home). Sadly other commitments got in the way of time and inclination.
Enter 2011 and project 12. Where you do 12 items, in one theme, once a month. This sounds far more do-able and possible to fit in with the rest of my years goals.

I’m quite excited about it. In fact, I’ve even come up with a theme. Hoping to have fun with it. So here’s to 2011 and Project 12 🙂

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Testing the life of convienence ( sans spell check ) on my new iPhone [thanks Petes] and feeling like it’s one of those 50s World Of The Future come true.
I can dip in and out of the Internet almost too easily now. So everything else should be done with the same mix of ease and convenience.
This mornings triumph was the combo of coffee and breakfast roll. Consider this; cup of coffee stirred by sausage on a stick. Perfect. Okay maybe not.
But I’m working on it 😉

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Offset Day 1

Whataday! Tara mcPhearson rocked. James Jean signed his A3 collection of stunning prints for me AND I got to shake Dave McKeans hand. I told him how his work was the reason I went into multimedia. He prosfusly apologised but it’s too late now 😉

Every one today has just been so approachable, even when I myself was tongue-tied. As well as the books I bought (work of each speaker becomes available throughout the day) upon entering we were greeted with a bag of goodies, ranging from an issue of Graffik to a natural paper notebook to a packet of Rowantrees Randoms. People around me happily nom-ed the jellies. Sugar. Friend to the deadline driven creative everywhere. last from 8pm is the Offset social in the Bernard Shaw on south richmod st. Tonight (saturday), in the twisted pepper abbey st, features Tara McPhearson on decks. Is there anything the girl can’t do? Seriously. She’s a great artist (art geek), has cool tatoos (rock chick), djs (music diva) and was VP of college astronomy club (science hero). Dang woman!  🙂


Not every day that you get to say.. Thanks James Jean for the Hugs n Kisses 😉

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when september comes

what a day! and it’s only half twelve as I write this.. at least things are looking up now 🙂

start from the start: This morning I had to upload some files and there was no bandwidth to be had anywhere in the apt. Grrr. So off I traipsed to rathmines. cyber cafe closed. GrrRRRrr. no reception in regular cafe. GrrrGnashGnash. Raced into town. Found friendly tech in cyber cafe in town. hooked up and uploaded. HALLLaluieh!! the sun came out the clouds parted all was well with the world (wide web).

done. skipped to the shops. ran into a friend. bounced to a cafe. Munched through tasty breakie. relocated to a book shop and relaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaax.

I know it doesn’t sound like a manic day but in between every event was running down streets and up and down stairs and allsorts of madnesses.

Also discovered this morning I had missed Jasons BTW meetup last night. dangnamit. That was to be my ‘well done you’ve been packing all week’ treat. poop. such a pity because nothing lifts my spirits faster than meeting groups of smiley friendly people and sharing stories and telling (usually bad) jokes.

anyway. back to the pack.

The new place vs the old place
location: not far apart, though the old place closer to two usefull bus routes not just one.
size: old place 1 bed with MASSive balcony. new place duplex 2 bed with lil balcony (which means friends can stay over again. Yay!).
price: old place dearer than new place. although it is set to come down it’s still not as competitive.
quality: both places are to a high standard. old place very solid concrete. tastefully tiled and kited out kitchen. New place newley carpeted and well dressed.
winning feature: old place only gets daylight until 10.30 am. very dark in winter. new place gets long evening light in the whole back end of the building. sitting room and back bedroom positively glow with sunlight. think i’ll make the back room the spare room/study. we shall see.

In other news
the electric picnic is on this wkend. feeling sorry to miss it actually. Roxy is bubbling over with glee at going. Bet she’ll have a great time!

the Touch Film Festival competition closes Sept 6th. so get filming and uploading now!

the ultimate room mate housewarming party is on in S’s next weekend. see y’all there 🙂

there’s an open call for artists for comic art/sequential art in a gallery in dublin (more details to follow)

the 24 hour comic day is coming up. Fair play to Cliodhna she organises it every year and looks like she’s done herself proud this year.

I’ve been off the interwebs all week so I’ve missed what’s been happening over on beloved I believe it’s beatles mania this week. Uncle’s an avid fan, wonder if he has anything that’ll be of interest.

tonight I’m thinking District 9 sounds like a good idea. I entered the comp on for a t-shirt. loving the alien icon they’ve made for the film. a bit like the head of a horned cartoon badguy from Toystory on lightning bolt legs.