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saturday night out and I’m buying. it’s a ‘welldoneyou’vefinishedyourexams’ dinner. I want to do 3 things.
1. get something tasty.
2. get something in-expensive
3. not go somewhere that looks cheap! (supposed to be a treat after all)

Gained all three, in the guise of Yamamoris set menu. The one on the quays not the one on george st.
for 30 per person there was a drink (soft for me Saki for them), soup starter (misos not my thing although it’s supposed to be very good for you), plate of crispy gyoza (like little deep fried veggie-filled slugs.. but tasty).

The mains: Its a set menu so my expectation of taste, portion and quality were pretty low. I was wrong.
Tofu baked in mango sauce for them (apparently it tasted good but I’m not fond of spongy styrofoam myself). I got the ju-ju, hich was a hot grill plate of bean sprouts, peppers and minced steak. It was Delicious. The meat was sweetly spiced and the bean srouts crunchy. the dish was accompanied by two bowels of dipping sauce, one was fruity marmite like, the other a deep smokey red pepper sauce. There was also a stack of iceburg lettuce and bowl of rice.
I’d had a similar dish years ago in a korean restaurant. The waitress back then suggested placing the rice into the centre of the lettuce leaf, dipping the meat in the sauce and adding it, wrap the leaf closed and Bite! So I used that method here too. A cold crisp envelope around a sweet meat / rice centre works very well. Two bites into it and our charming waiter appeared out of no where “if you are going to use this method” he says with a big smile and flourishes something white across the table “you’re going to need more napkins”. it was worth it.
Dessert. My favourite part to any meal. Exam boy got the green tea tiramisu (again not something I’d enjoy) and the plate was almost transparent from the ferver with which it was eaten. I got the banoffi. It was crazily sweet but good. the cream was a little heavy for my liking, the strawberry lifted the dish greatly and I would, if getting it again, get some more strawberry to help it.
we ended on a coffee.

final bill: 60euro total.
final result: Stuffed and happy
Last word: The staff were wonderfully friendly, there was the occasional dip in service speed when it was busy but thats expected on a saturday night. Would defiantly go again.