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train sailing

Websites on time out,
But I keep going to try it,
There’s a ticket to reserve and

Hush lil traveller,
It’ll all work out fine,
There’s more ways to skin this cat
Than going online.

Tickets now sorted,
Room now booked,
They had some good deals on,
A great stroke of luck.

into the station,
Catch me that train,
If just these gits in the queue,
Had half a brain.
Stop being so pushy,
You rude little feckers,
You’ve a ticketed seat,
So stop twisting your knickers!

Seats so un comfy,
No room to stretch,
Jerking and tossing,
Like an unscratched itch.

Hush lil traveller,
Just drift away,
It makes the journey shorter,
and then you can play.

Finally settled,
I watch the world pass,
Though mostly i’m just,
Seeing myself in the glass.

The skies pretty dark now,
No need to be worried,
The train’s moving fast,
And i’m in no hurry.

Hush lil  traveller
With a few nods of the head,
We make the transistion,
From blue down to red.

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Offset Day 1

Whataday! Tara mcPhearson rocked. James Jean signed his A3 collection of stunning prints for me AND I got to shake Dave McKeans hand. I told him how his work was the reason I went into multimedia. He prosfusly apologised but it’s too late now 😉

Every one today has just been so approachable, even when I myself was tongue-tied. As well as the books I bought (work of each speaker becomes available throughout the day) upon entering we were greeted with a bag of goodies, ranging from an issue of Graffik to a natural paper notebook to a packet of Rowantrees Randoms. People around me happily nom-ed the jellies. Sugar. Friend to the deadline driven creative everywhere. last from 8pm is the Offset social in the Bernard Shaw on south richmod st. Tonight (saturday), in the twisted pepper abbey st, features Tara McPhearson on decks. Is there anything the girl can’t do? Seriously. She’s a great artist (art geek), has cool tatoos (rock chick), djs (music diva) and was VP of college astronomy club (science hero). Dang woman!  🙂


Not every day that you get to say.. Thanks James Jean for the Hugs n Kisses 😉

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Going for good coffee in Dublin

In memory of my Great Aunt, who passed, and my Gran – her Sister – who were ladies versed in the fine Art of High Tea.

Café Leon
There are two on wicklow street. Firstly there’s a little one with only 12 tables or so. The seats are a little old and lumpy and the coffee grinder can be a little loud in such a small place but the coffee is good, the staff are nice and it’s got a small dark intitmate vibe (at this point I have been merrily tapping away in a corner for about an hour without being bothered which is good in my book).
The larger one, further down the street from grafton street, is a little fancier. The back area serves lunches and dinner. It’s very parisian and the Chocolate Opera cake is richly decadent.

The Cake café
Nestled behind the Daintree paper shop on camden street is a little treasure of sweet treats and savouries. Good coffee, good tea, friendly staff and an ecologically sound building ethos. This is where I encountered ‘hugs and kisses’, which are X and O shaped shortcake biscuits with cinnamon cream. Nom.

Airfield house café
All the way out in dundrum this café is the lunch rooms of large house and grounds. The coffe and tea should be enjoyed on the veranda whilst looking out at the gradens. (I feel the ladies would most certainly have approved of this one). Airfield house and grounds features a finely cultivated garden, some pens of chickens, goats, pigs and a field of cows, sheep and miniature horses. There are also allotment style mini gardens for children to plant vegetables and learn about growing foods and insect life. There are day talks and, my favourite bit, a garage of old cars from the 1920s (i think, could be wrong about the year). It’s a small grounds but definatly worth a visit.

Avoca Café
It seemed that the ladies would take the view of ‘Expensive plus Exclusive equals Good’ with regard to certain things. So for that reason I include Avoca café. There is one on suffolk street on the top floor of the Avoca shop. The coffee was good and came with the foam expertly swirled into the face of a girl. What some of these barristas can do with just the flick of a jug is quite impressive.
There is also one on the grounds of the Mount Usher Gardens in Ashford and the grounds are sizable making this worth a visit in good blooming seasons.

I need to double check this is still there but.. It would simply not be an appropriate ‘in memory of’ if it did not feature a tea house. Half way through the CHQ mall is a small tea shop with seats at the door. It has teas from all over the world and the owner can recommend a blend for any occasion. At the time of visiting you could get a High Tea of a pot of tea and a three tiered platter of treats (slice of sandwich, scone with jam and slice of cake). I find the CHQ mall a little souless but there was no denying the quality of the tea here.

And of course: Queen of Tarts
I am unsure whether the ladies would have preferred the large one on Cows Lane where you can watch people of so many diversaties eat some of the finest tarts in dublin and on a saturday experience a sea of colours in the Cow lane art market.. Or the small and cosy one on dame street which has very little room but almost feels like you must have a concentrated atmosphere to create the richly concentrated flavour of the sweet foods. Given the favoured fare of the ladies when I was out with them was tea and scones with jam I think they would have been quite happy with the pastries here 🙂

some of the fresh produce used in Queen of Tarts for their savoury treats

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Horse Show Hustle

won’t somebody PLease think of the Ponies???? .think of them. And Dance.

Nabbed from the blog of Rick O Shea
“I wasn’t sure when details of this were being announced even though I’m on the organising committee but it looks like the cat is very much out of the bag

This year there sadly won’t be a Horse Show Ball to coincide with the aforementioned Horse Show at the RDS in August. Recessionary blah blah blah blah. Instead, Brainwave, the charity I’m proudly national patron of, are organising a very cool event on the Friday night of Horse Show Week instead.

Krystle Nightclub have kindly allowed us to book out the whole venue FOR THE NIGHT So from 9 til whenever it’s our party, bands, DJs and a band.

All proceeds from the night are going, as always, to Brainwave and help them fund badly needed projects that run throughout the year. Tickets will be going on sale July 1st.

I’d be eternally grateful if you could link to this post from your blog or RT this as much as possible or if there’s anything you can do to promote this. We’re such a small charity that every euro from every punter on the night will make a huge difference

There’s more information here:

Or the Facebook event is here:

you can now get the tickets online! please go to

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a picture paints

a thousand words so why can’t I paint you..

well. hopefully I will be able to soon.

I’ve joined a painting class. Just one of the oooooodles of yummy courses going on in Dublin for summer. I would have LOVED to have joined the illustration bootcamp but found out too late. One course at a time! there’s also a few web courses going on I’d love to try.

but anyway. I took the painting course.

So it’s run by this wee polish lass who is just a blabbing brook of love of art. she was concerned about her english but given 3 quarters of the class are non native speakers it’s more of a help than a hinderence 🙂

week 1: was discussion on composition and a while spent still life drawing. it was the first time in about 10 years I’d sat down to life draw. it was very enjoyable. I’d forgotten just how much I’d forgotten.. if you know what I mean.

week 2: discussion about colours and mixing paints. rest of the class was all of us working a one MASSIVE abstract portrait. delightfully messy

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saturday night out and I’m buying. it’s a ‘welldoneyou’vefinishedyourexams’ dinner. I want to do 3 things.
1. get something tasty.
2. get something in-expensive
3. not go somewhere that looks cheap! (supposed to be a treat after all)

Gained all three, in the guise of Yamamoris set menu. The one on the quays not the one on george st.
for 30 per person there was a drink (soft for me Saki for them), soup starter (misos not my thing although it’s supposed to be very good for you), plate of crispy gyoza (like little deep fried veggie-filled slugs.. but tasty).

The mains: Its a set menu so my expectation of taste, portion and quality were pretty low. I was wrong.
Tofu baked in mango sauce for them (apparently it tasted good but I’m not fond of spongy styrofoam myself). I got the ju-ju, hich was a hot grill plate of bean sprouts, peppers and minced steak. It was Delicious. The meat was sweetly spiced and the bean srouts crunchy. the dish was accompanied by two bowels of dipping sauce, one was fruity marmite like, the other a deep smokey red pepper sauce. There was also a stack of iceburg lettuce and bowl of rice.
I’d had a similar dish years ago in a korean restaurant. The waitress back then suggested placing the rice into the centre of the lettuce leaf, dipping the meat in the sauce and adding it, wrap the leaf closed and Bite! So I used that method here too. A cold crisp envelope around a sweet meat / rice centre works very well. Two bites into it and our charming waiter appeared out of no where “if you are going to use this method” he says with a big smile and flourishes something white across the table “you’re going to need more napkins”. it was worth it.
Dessert. My favourite part to any meal. Exam boy got the green tea tiramisu (again not something I’d enjoy) and the plate was almost transparent from the ferver with which it was eaten. I got the banoffi. It was crazily sweet but good. the cream was a little heavy for my liking, the strawberry lifted the dish greatly and I would, if getting it again, get some more strawberry to help it.
we ended on a coffee.

final bill: 60euro total.
final result: Stuffed and happy
Last word: The staff were wonderfully friendly, there was the occasional dip in service speed when it was busy but thats expected on a saturday night. Would defiantly go again.