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train sailing

Websites on time out,
But I keep going to try it,
There’s a ticket to reserve and

Hush lil traveller,
It’ll all work out fine,
There’s more ways to skin this cat
Than going online.

Tickets now sorted,
Room now booked,
They had some good deals on,
A great stroke of luck.

into the station,
Catch me that train,
If just these gits in the queue,
Had half a brain.
Stop being so pushy,
You rude little feckers,
You’ve a ticketed seat,
So stop twisting your knickers!

Seats so un comfy,
No room to stretch,
Jerking and tossing,
Like an unscratched itch.

Hush lil traveller,
Just drift away,
It makes the journey shorter,
and then you can play.

Finally settled,
I watch the world pass,
Though mostly i’m just,
Seeing myself in the glass.

The skies pretty dark now,
No need to be worried,
The train’s moving fast,
And i’m in no hurry.

Hush lil  traveller
With a few nods of the head,
We make the transistion,
From blue down to red.

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kick like a mule

my goddaughter, a young lady of excellent taste, got me a Mule fairtrade coffee pack and mug.

Unfortunatly my plunger just wasn’t doing it justice. A few weeks later in a little kitchen supply shop off plunkett st in cork I came across an adorable art deco decorated 1 cup espresso pot. perfect. It may kick like a mule but since it’s only a mini cup the bruising is quite small