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on Saturday I got a last chance to see Terminus in Abbey Theatre. (Thanks Mr.Doyle)

It was quite different. The whole play was done in rhyme yet wasn’t childish. Each line was thought out (writer Mark O‘Rowe) and delivered with an incredible degree of talent by Andrea Irvine, Karl Shiels and Kate Brennan.

The story was a strange one with everything from the samaratins to smarties with a demon thrown in for good measure. Even if you don’t like the story you have to respect the writer for painting such pictures and the actors for giving it form.

It’s been on before back in 2007 so there is a good chance it may be on again. I recommend you go.

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Themes for Grownups

What was your favourite tv show as a kid? can you still sing the theme tune word for word twenty years later?

The question sparked a huge debate on twitter and spread into the coolest post on yet 😉

Pick your favourite or add another name to the mix.

The best pub night out ever! can you name them all? This Picture is by the incredibly talented hand of Brian Coldrick. See his website here.