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comment batch 1

(things I’ve heard or read and they made me smile, angry, sad, laugh or scratch my head)

“Random acts of syntax” -overheard in work

“when they finally come to destroy the earth. they’ll have to deal  with you first”  -from a song playing in a shop

“it leaves a bad taste in your head” -Daz

“i take full responsibilty for this and thats why the person responsible has been fired” -Gordon brown – as quoted on Have I Got News For You

from mitch Ben Hello Tweeps!

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what the flock

For the last while there has been art wrapped around the electric junction boxes that scatter the streets in temple bar and city centre.
I may not like all the art in question, But, I do love that it’s there. It’s a splash of colour on what is normally a boring junction box and I’m all for colour and sillyness in any area 🙂