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Project 12 : Part 1: MisShapes

Ironically, as soon as I decided on Shapes as my theme my mind wandered onto thoughts of Shapes that arent there. For example, when you were a child in a strange room for the night every shape in the darkness could be anything else. There would be a fierce tiger in the corner, or a mouse on the floor, but switch on the light and it flips back into a coat on a chair or a knot in a wooden floorboard. Here’s some things I’ve wandered across that in first glance, before the mental light switch is flipped, are something else.

Actually, the lovely thing about shapes that arent there is they add a new and slightly more animate skin to your world 🙂

Burger King Grafton Street: When you go in here, the first thing that gets eaten, is you.
Bear Necessities: I’ve heard of being hungry like the wolf, but according to the tools on the shelf, prehaps you can be hungry like the bear?
J sea B: The great lesser spotted JCB angler fish. Angling for cups of tea and jumbo breakfast rolls.

If you like these momentary illusions of the brain too, check out the blog of Psychology Magician Richard Wiseman for puzzles, videos and images of some weird and usual stuff.

and the time is.. 9.56pm. yay! all is not lost. I might even make it to a post 2 new month 😉

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low tech

sometimes you need to shut everything off and chill out low tech style..  so after roaming the house looking for things to fill my fidgety hands I found an old modelling clay kit. Score!
Trouble was I wanted it to last a while. So I took three hours, thats THREE hours, making individual hairy for my shaggy. Not something to be done too often but it was very relaxing for one night. He’s still not finished but I reckon that can hold for another night.

Go get yourself some Marla! Get your kids some Marla! Make something silly. Send me your photo if you do, I’d love to see.

(note: I used a tray, thank feck, I’d forgotten how the suff gets into every lil crack)