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Project 12 : Part 1: MisShapes

Ironically, as soon as I decided on Shapes as my theme my mind wandered onto thoughts of Shapes that arent there. For example, when you were a child in a strange room for the night every shape in the darkness could be anything else. There would be a fierce tiger in the corner, or a mouse on the floor, but switch on the light and it flips back into a coat on a chair or a knot in a wooden floorboard. Here’s some things I’ve wandered across that in first glance, before the mental light switch is flipped, are something else.

Actually, the lovely thing about shapes that arent there is they add a new and slightly more animate skin to your world ūüôā

Burger King Grafton Street: When you go in here, the first thing that gets eaten, is you.
Bear Necessities: I’ve heard of being hungry like the wolf, but according to the tools on the shelf, prehaps you can be hungry like the bear?
J sea B: The great lesser spotted JCB angler fish. Angling for cups of tea and jumbo breakfast rolls.

If you like these momentary illusions of the brain too, check out the blog of Psychology Magician Richard Wiseman for puzzles, videos and images of some weird and usual stuff.

and the time is.. 9.56pm. yay! all is not lost. I might even make it to a post 2 new month ūüėČ

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Project 12

Back at the start of January I mentioned trying Project 12. As I wandered around the city for the day, looking at things to inspire me and photograph that could develop and hold my interest every month, I tried to understand what was the common allure the things I saw held. There were constructed objects, industrial objects, people (actually this may be a side project to revisit), plants and animals. All pretty cool. All with their merits and a loose theme kind of presented itself. ¬†Shapes. ¬†Soon as the title popped into my head I realised I was just too giddy to limit myself to photos. So, instead of doing 12 photos on one theme across 12 months, I’m doing twelve posts on one theme across 12 months. I’ve already gotten some of the months planned. Hurray! of course then I had a mad busy January complete with being ill *shakes fist at invisible germs* and everything got sweep aside. poop. still. I’ve got a few hours left in Jan so lets see what I can put together ūüôā

And so into month one..

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Projecting the Future

walking home new years morning 2010This morning an unexpected discussion on Twitter (thanks Rory)¬†made me aware of something called Project 12. I knew of Project 365 (where you¬†take¬†one photograph a day for 365 days) and had even given it a go. My first photo was about 2am on News Years morning 2010 walking home in the snow (it¬†wasn’t¬†very good though so the shot here was the 2nd shot of the walk home). Sadly other commitments got in the way of time and¬†inclination.
Enter 2011 and project 12. Where you do 12 items, in one theme, once a month. This sounds far more do-able and possible to fit in with the rest of my years goals.

I’m quite excited about it. In fact, I’ve even come up with a theme. Hoping to have fun with it. So here’s to 2011 and Project 12 ūüôā