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I see you

We wait.
Faces come.
Recite. Review. Update.
Faces go. Tag.
Recite. Review. Update.
We try to rest. Tag.
Recite. Review. Update. Wait.
Every stage of the seven is recycled. Where are we now? Barter?
Fresh face. Tag.
Recite. Review. Update. Wait.

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Don’t take shortcuts – designers tales

“None of the files on the disc work!”climbing.jpg

The junior is learning much this week about glitches and hitches. Today’s one; dragging files onto a Mac blank disc only burns the shortcuts (alias) not the files. How many hours have been lost to this mayhem?!
Silly Apple, what were they thinking?

No choice but to get client to ship disc again. The learning curve may be steep.. But the deadline’s often steeper.

(Image Bernhard Witz)

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Starting from scratch – designers tales

Wide eyed and worried the junior steps in my office.. “It says the scratch disc is full. I can’t save anything!” “How many have you open?” “Nine!”

Each represents 40 mins work minimum and it’s gone 4pm. Right.
One file is 3gb. Yikes. I make some clean ups.

One by one we save them out watching the blue bar move like worried teens and a pregnancy test.

Finally it’s gone. Done. Saved. The sigh of relief from the PFY is audible. I look at him and think – welcome to the learning curve.