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the cure

Her eyes sparkle as I look up. I’ve been staring beyond the grains of wood in the table. “enjoy” she says and gives me a knowing smile. The coffee has a tanned film, the spoon almost disintigrates on contact. She’s made it strong. She knows. And I think, “Christ, I must look awful”

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Things You Need to Know

Since the days of sitting under the crook of my dads arm on the sofa watching Tomorrows World, I’ve had a soft spot for science. I also thought it a great tragedy when Tomorrows World was no more.

Now it seems science in its own little bite size chunk way has come back again (due to the s*xy Professor Brian Cox I’d wager). So we have things like BBCs wonders of the solar system and star gazing live popping up (here’s a clip on how to photograph the night sky from Star Gazing Live). Another little pop up is the James May Things You Need to Know series. And its a gem. There are only 3 of them from what I can tell; The Human Body, The Universe and The Weather. These are pretty big concepts explained in simple form with extremely well thought out and entertaining animations. The ‘favourite old uncle’ voice of James May makes for a great choice as presenter.

(okay, okay, so these are quite astronomy/space based rather than all science based, if you want a science based show have a look at this wonderful Open University style Science spoof – Look Around You)