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better, faster, snowyer

Over the past week or two Ireland has rediscovered its love (and hate) of snow. For some it’s even their first experience!

Here’s something else I dearly wish for you to discover, and what better time than on the 25th anniversary of its arrival? I introduce ‘Calvin and Hobbes

Not only the most incredibly sweet and inspired look at the world through the eyes of a small boy and his stuffed Tiger best mate, but also an instruction manual for the building of a better snow man. An angry, psychologically damaged mutant snow men, but a snow men none the less.

(this one is from ‘Scientific Progress Goes Boink’)

Calvin and Hobbes is the brainchild of Bill Waterson. His cartoon strip started back in 1985 and has been one of the most successful cartoon strips of all time. It features Calvin – a six year old boy who likes robots, planes and dinosaurs, and Hobbes – a stuffed Tiger, who is a friend, a playmate and occasionally a homicidal ball of fur and claws.

Bill believes the story should stand for itself, so he rarely does interviews and you won’t find calvin and hobbes plush toys (not official ones anyway). He has a point- Why wear a band on your t-shirt yet have never listened the music? (cough”Ramones”cough)

So all there is, is the collection of graphic books. Wonderful, insightful, delightful, charming and funny cartoon strips.

Please.. DO yourself and your children a favour and introduce Calvin and Hobbes into your life. Those without kids will find it a charming look back on life as a kid and those with kids under ten may find themselves in fear a little bit.