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train sailing

Websites on time out,
But I keep going to try it,
There’s a ticket to reserve and

Hush lil traveller,
It’ll all work out fine,
There’s more ways to skin this cat
Than going online.

Tickets now sorted,
Room now booked,
They had some good deals on,
A great stroke of luck.

into the station,
Catch me that train,
If just these gits in the queue,
Had half a brain.
Stop being so pushy,
You rude little feckers,
You’ve a ticketed seat,
So stop twisting your knickers!

Seats so un comfy,
No room to stretch,
Jerking and tossing,
Like an unscratched itch.

Hush lil traveller,
Just drift away,
It makes the journey shorter,
and then you can play.

Finally settled,
I watch the world pass,
Though mostly i’m just,
Seeing myself in the glass.

The skies pretty dark now,
No need to be worried,
The train’s moving fast,
And i’m in no hurry.

Hush lil  traveller
With a few nods of the head,
We make the transistion,
From blue down to red.

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low tech

sometimes you need to shut everything off and chill out low tech style..  so after roaming the house looking for things to fill my fidgety hands I found an old modelling clay kit. Score!
Trouble was I wanted it to last a while. So I took three hours, thats THREE hours, making individual hairy for my shaggy. Not something to be done too often but it was very relaxing for one night. He’s still not finished but I reckon that can hold for another night.

Go get yourself some Marla! Get your kids some Marla! Make something silly. Send me your photo if you do, I’d love to see.

(note: I used a tray, thank feck, I’d forgotten how the suff gets into every lil crack)

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Leonardo da Holmes

I’ve seen the new Sherlock Holmes film twice now. The second time around I got to sit back and see more of the backround and sublter touches and I caught myself wondering if Sherlock Holmes was based on Leonaro Da Vinci. A genius of his day, frighteningly intellignet and capable – Did he not only inspire the character of Sherlock Holmes but of another dark Knight?
Leonardo was incredbily strong (he could bend iron bars with his bear hands) so he would have been able to look after himself during his jaunts to the darker side of town. He would go to ‘seedy’ parts of the city to draw the more unusual faces of the common man. He would also visit criminals if he wanted to paint the face of a villan.
He was facinated by all aspects of the world, people, places, the body, the flow of water. Leonardo was so fascinated by the world and things in it, that he never finished anything, passing from one thing to another, forever looking for the next thing to engrosse his mind. The man could see details so clearly he was able to draw the movement of a drop of water! Who’s to say this Brilliant mind wasn’t the Great Dectective of his day?
He used to design weapons for the Sforzas of Milan. Perhaps he kept the best designs for himself? Perhaps he build his own utility belt? and Perhaps this was the design of his first batmobile
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better, faster, snowyer

Over the past week or two Ireland has rediscovered its love (and hate) of snow. For some it’s even their first experience!

Here’s something else I dearly wish for you to discover, and what better time than on the 25th anniversary of its arrival? I introduce ‘Calvin and Hobbes

Not only the most incredibly sweet and inspired look at the world through the eyes of a small boy and his stuffed Tiger best mate, but also an instruction manual for the building of a better snow man. An angry, psychologically damaged mutant snow men, but a snow men none the less.

(this one is from ‘Scientific Progress Goes Boink’)

Calvin and Hobbes is the brainchild of Bill Waterson. His cartoon strip started back in 1985 and has been one of the most successful cartoon strips of all time. It features Calvin – a six year old boy who likes robots, planes and dinosaurs, and Hobbes – a stuffed Tiger, who is a friend, a playmate and occasionally a homicidal ball of fur and claws.

Bill believes the story should stand for itself, so he rarely does interviews and you won’t find calvin and hobbes plush toys (not official ones anyway). He has a point- Why wear a band on your t-shirt yet have never listened the music? (cough”Ramones”cough)

So all there is, is the collection of graphic books. Wonderful, insightful, delightful, charming and funny cartoon strips.

Please.. DO yourself and your children a favour and introduce Calvin and Hobbes into your life. Those without kids will find it a charming look back on life as a kid and those with kids under ten may find themselves in fear a little bit.