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Cute Ass


You can RSVP if you’ll be there on the face book page.

The original email:
“Hi all,
I am organising a comedy night at the Laughter Lounge to fund a trek in Romania for May 2010. The trek will be over 70km in 4 days into the Bucegi Mountains. The proceeds of this trek will be going straight to the two Irish charities involved, Fighting Blindness and Diabetic Federation of Ireland.

Because of the times, the two charities have come together and organised this Trek for much needed funds due the increase in people with both conditions.
If this isn’t your cup of tea, I will be organising more fundraiser between now and March, but you can also buy a ticket and give it to someone with an interest.

For more information or if you would like to participate yourself:

Fighting Blindness:

Diabetes Federation of Ireland:

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things that make you go hmmm

This is the original as posted by the lovely miss lottie for her blog challenge

and then.. a few weeks later I saw this

of course i’m sure it’s just co-incidence and the fact her blog has been posted into forums full of irish based designers would have any bearing at all on anything.. naaaah. πŸ˜‰

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what the flock

For the last while there has been art wrapped around the electric junction boxes that scatter the streets in temple bar and city centre.
I may not like all the art in question, But, I do love that it’s there. It’s a splash of colour on what is normally a boring junction box and I’m all for colour and sillyness in any area πŸ™‚