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Don’t fold a poloroid

you shouldn’t fold a poloroid.. but no one said anything about the camera. later last year as my interest in old cameras grew I found a strange plastic block camera in an antique store. I asked the staff but no one could figure out how to work it. By shear luck a man was visiting the owner and sitting at the end of the counter. He looked like something from a movie – black coat, jewish cap with the ringed hair framing his face and an accent I’d only ever heard in films. “Ahhhh!” says he “I know this camera well. I saw them in new york when I was a kid” he then squeezed and pulled and ‘fwip’ the camera was revealed. I was delighted! of all the old cameras he had, this one was intriguing, this one I could get my hands on and work with.
It took a bit of gentle persuading and research to get the camera to take modern film but it worked. The photos are very washed out, even with the dial set to high contrast and the photos end up with a strange no-face effect but I’m sure I’ll find a way round all this.

Poloroid sx70
ghost of photos past