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a picture paints

a thousand words so why can’t I paint you..

well. hopefully I will be able to soon.

I’ve joined a painting class. Just one of the oooooodles of yummy courses going on in Dublin for summer. I would have LOVED to have joined the illustration bootcamp but found out too late. One course at a time! there’s also a few web courses going on I’d love to try.

but anyway. I took the painting course.

So it’s run by this wee polish lass who is just a blabbing brook of love of art. she was concerned about her english but given 3 quarters of the class are non native speakers it’s more of a help than a hinderence 🙂

week 1: was discussion on composition and a while spent still life drawing. it was the first time in about 10 years I’d sat down to life draw. it was very enjoyable. I’d forgotten just how much I’d forgotten.. if you know what I mean.

week 2: discussion about colours and mixing paints. rest of the class was all of us working a one MASSIVE abstract portrait. delightfully messy