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The Diplowdockus

The front disembarking ramp of the new Irish Ferries Swift looks like a mechanical dinosaur head to me.

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The little things make the biggest difference

Married life lesson no.324

When we were about to get married, my CFO said to me “don’t forget to still do the little things for each other”. I’ve tried to keep this in my head, but you get tired, you get flustered, you get busy and so focused on work, you sometimes forget. As long as only one of you forgets at any given time, you’ll be okay.

We’d forgotten for a bit, with so much on. With pressure, a month of too hot days and too little sleep, we’d been snappy more than either of us would like.

Then Thursday coming home from work, I said, “oh, I’ll need to go to the shop, to make sandwiches. I’ll have no fridge at {client office} so I better make something that won’t go funny in the bag”. Of course, as soon as I’d said it out loud, it promptly fell out of my head.

Fast forward to Friday morning. I’m running around, getting ready, doing a double check I have every file and hardware and connector I’ll need for offsite. I’m packed and walking down the hall with no time to spare before racing off out the door. I head for the kitchen to say goodbye to himself. Then I remember – I never bought food. I never made lunch. I won’t get to eat anything all day. I’ve no time and two slightly melted chocolate bars in the bag; that’ll have to do.

I open the kitchen door. The first thing I see? Two bags (morning and lunch) of peanut butter sandwiches. I just stare at them. He sees me stare “I figured you’d be flustered and forgot. These should stay ok for the day”. The whole day lightened, my little heart burst. My husband, husbands good. As long as one of us remembers, to still do the little things, we’ll be alright. ❤️

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A spot of bother and a brolley

Slightly hunched and white knuckled I’m clinging to the stool. My leg has gone. The two cafe owners are fussing over me but a queue is fast building up behind me I’m embarrassed and I just want to get out! The moment I can stand I grab the bag and go. Two moments later the lady owner is out in the street after me, shoves a huge wooden umbrella in my hand and says ‘this will help you walk’ then disappears off back inside. Thank you good lady. 

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I was a PowerPoint Chicken

Preparing for that first big presentation is a mine field of elements. There are many things you can control –  you can ensure you have properly working hardware, you can choose the best presentation software for you, and spend weeks researching and putting the slides together just right.
But HOW do you make YOU ready?
Here is the story of how I prepared for that first big presentation.

chickensketchsharon It was a few years ago. I was incredibly nervous. I had no problem with the tech; I’ve always been pretty good with PowerPoint and Keynote. I’d all my notes in the notes view and printed out just in case. But I just couldn’t speak back then. I hated being in front of people. I would sweat and stumble and panic and talk a million miles a second just so it would be over faster!   I’d gotten several pieces of advice on how to prepare. One was to know my notes inside out so I could say them without stumbling and focus on slowing down. I had to get used to people looking at me as well. So I grabbed my ipod and notes and walked around saying them over and over again. I must have looked very silly walking a big loop around Grand Canal Dock talking to myself (these days’ most people would assume you were on a phone call, back then, not so much). I did that for a few evenings and slowly I got there. I stopped minding people looking at me (quite so much) and I stopped speaking as fast. I’ve since heard a story about a little girl who had the same fears before a talk so she dressed up in a dinosaur costume to get used to the stares. She’s far braver than I was! I presented a few days after that. I was still incredibly nervous and had cold sweats but I didn’t stumble or stutter or pause so it at least looked like I knew what I was doing and that’s the most I could have hoped for.

Do you have any tips you’d like to share on presenting? How did you get beyond your nerves? I’d love to hear your comments.

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Fear of letting go

A year and a half ago we got engaged. Disbelief made me ask if he was sure. Disbelief made me ask him ask a second time. Delight made me make him ask a third time.

Being stunned meant he had to remind me, I hadn’t yet answered.

We put it off for many reasons – work, study, business, cashflow. We chose the day for one reason; it was the closest we could get to mums birthday. At the time it seemed the closet we could get to having her there.

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A way to help a tense person without accidentally hurting them

I can sometimes be a very wound person. I’ve had a few stresses and tensions that I seem to be stuck with. It’s not fun. 

It’s difficult for the partners of someone like this to know what to do in these moments. Something happened recently that helped me. I wanted to share it, maybe it’ll help someone else.

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I’m sitting by your tree

Just before her birthday, her classmates held an event in her name. I heard stories of adventures and chats. Student type evenings in the pub, with regular checks of that ragtag little train table she kept.

She loved learning and reading and people, and all of that was here in one place. She’d be so touched they planted a tree for her. I’m eternally grateful too. They gave me a place to visit, to sit with her a while.

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