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Video Games Live

I went to Video Games Live last night in the National Concert Hall Dublin (as mentioned over on and it was so much fun!

what is it?
the website says “Video Games Live™ is an immersive concert event featuring music from the most popular video games of all time. Top orchestras & choirs perform along with exclusive video footage and music arrangements, synchronized lighting, solo performers, electronic percussionists, live action and unique interactive segments to create an explosive entertainment experience”.
Blah Blah Blah. look it’s so not that stuffy. It’s orchestras at their finest; having fun whilst blowing you away with the incredible skill and a high does of Nostalgia thrown in. You name me any other concert where a 14 year old audience member can play guitar hero live on stage with a full orchestra accompaniment and guitar rock.
There was an incredible buzz in the crowd for the whole show (and it is a Show) and the composers/creators/artists were obviously enjoying themselves too.

It’s been going since 2002 and it’s about time it hit Ireland, thanks to all who made that happen. Thanks to the NCH orchestra and Celtic Voices Choir who executed it with such gusto!

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Offset round up

My first line was going to be something like; The Boys have done it again! But. That would be a great in-justice because they haven’t.

The names and faces here are the ones you’ve seen at the candy collective, sweet talk, secret wars and various other creative social events. So, yes, they are old hands at talks by this stage but.. having been behind the scenes of conventions & conferences myself I Can tell you that they are a whole other ballgame entirely. The boys have not done it again. They have done it For the first time.

They not only filled the days with quality speakers but filled the nights with socials and energy.

It wasn’t all perfect, there are some tweaks I would suggest, for example; listing the names of speakers on the panel sessions in room two so you would know who was on them.  However given the stellar nature of the speakers and the constant flow of talks and micro films I can merely nitpick!

It was a good opportunity to not only see the long standing talents of Sir Peter Blake, Dave mcKean and Chipp kidd but of seeing new kids on the block such as Brian Coldridge.  There were also people who’s names I had heard in passing but not experienced – The Mill and The London Police.

The London Police. What a pair of tasty minded nuts. Loved their talk – combining in films, slide shows, interactive screens, graffiti tecniques and doggie folk songs. Can’t go wrong with that 😉

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Offset Day 1

Whataday! Tara mcPhearson rocked. James Jean signed his A3 collection of stunning prints for me AND I got to shake Dave McKeans hand. I told him how his work was the reason I went into multimedia. He prosfusly apologised but it’s too late now 😉

Every one today has just been so approachable, even when I myself was tongue-tied. As well as the books I bought (work of each speaker becomes available throughout the day) upon entering we were greeted with a bag of goodies, ranging from an issue of Graffik to a natural paper notebook to a packet of Rowantrees Randoms. People around me happily nom-ed the jellies. Sugar. Friend to the deadline driven creative everywhere. last from 8pm is the Offset social in the Bernard Shaw on south richmod st. Tonight (saturday), in the twisted pepper abbey st, features Tara McPhearson on decks. Is there anything the girl can’t do? Seriously. She’s a great artist (art geek), has cool tatoos (rock chick), djs (music diva) and was VP of college astronomy club (science hero). Dang woman!  🙂


Not every day that you get to say.. Thanks James Jean for the Hugs n Kisses 😉

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Thanks to sub city comics (and the reminder to go through zombie season on I got to meet the artist of ‘The Walking Dead’ comic Charlie Adlard. Really nice guy. Charming and patient and gave every fan that came to see him time and attention.

The guy before me was thrilled with his drawing, featuring himself as the unfortunate hapless head!

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Horse Show Hustle

won’t somebody PLease think of the Ponies???? .think of them. And Dance.

Nabbed from the blog of Rick O Shea
“I wasn’t sure when details of this were being announced even though I’m on the organising committee but it looks like the cat is very much out of the bag

This year there sadly won’t be a Horse Show Ball to coincide with the aforementioned Horse Show at the RDS in August. Recessionary blah blah blah blah. Instead, Brainwave, the charity I’m proudly national patron of, are organising a very cool event on the Friday night of Horse Show Week instead.

Krystle Nightclub have kindly allowed us to book out the whole venue FOR THE NIGHT So from 9 til whenever it’s our party, bands, DJs and a band.

All proceeds from the night are going, as always, to Brainwave and help them fund badly needed projects that run throughout the year. Tickets will be going on sale July 1st.

I’d be eternally grateful if you could link to this post from your blog or RT this as much as possible or if there’s anything you can do to promote this. We’re such a small charity that every euro from every punter on the night will make a huge difference

There’s more information here:

Or the Facebook event is here:

you can now get the tickets online! please go to