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from russia with love

another find in a click link wander has led me to this talented lady, Sedova Elana. I like the choice of colours, the feel of the dogs skin around the eyes and the emotion of the picture.

the website also has cute bunny animations on it’s title rollovers

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art is bad for your health

always have art as part of a balanced lifestyle..

Project by Nadeem Haidary

Seen through posting on twitter
@bohoe RT @innocentdrinks […] clever student project that shows the nutritional value of famous still life paintings:

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lil illy

the wonderful thing about Flickr (and ain’t flckr a wonderful thing) is that whilst roaming through language is no barrier to finding the most delightful of stuff. these, for example, by spain based Pau Morgan can be enjoyed anywhere 🙂
Illustration ‘Freedom’ and illustrated post card Malota
Her Flickr pics are (understandably) set up to not repost here but I highly recommend checking them out for yourself.

her website is at

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Robo t nik

His MUSCLES are rock hard, Teeth are SHARP and his talons like STEEL.

but don’t worry he’s only four foot tall. this guy is a creation of the robo steel stand in the cows lane market off Dame st.

I got a lil r2 for a friend 🙂

check out the Alien sculptures.. they’re VERY well done