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xmas crossing

plant in snowtimeat the station, empty spaces.
no metro seller – I smile,
no herald to mark this childs arrival.

the carraige rings silent.
just us few to answer those manned phones
and tended tills.

not long now.
time to move this little ass
and alight for Christmas

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Things You Need to Know

Since the days of sitting under the crook of my dads arm on the sofa watching Tomorrows World, I’ve had a soft spot for science. I also thought it a great tragedy when Tomorrows World was no more.

Now it seems science in its own little bite size chunk way has come back again (due to the s*xy Professor Brian Cox I’d wager). So we have things like BBCs wonders of the solar system and star gazing live popping up (here’s a clip on how to photograph the night sky from Star Gazing Live). Another little pop up is the James May Things You Need to Know series. And its a gem. There are only 3 of them from what I can tell; The Human Body, The Universe and The Weather. These are pretty big concepts explained in simple form with extremely well thought out and entertaining animations. The ‘favourite old uncle’ voice of James May makes for a great choice as presenter.

(okay, okay, so these are quite astronomy/space based rather than all science based, if you want a science based show have a look at this wonderful Open University style Science spoof – Look Around You)

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ear worms

Yay! The tremendously silly Adam and Joe have returned to beat on the inner ear drum once again. I used to watch the TV show back in the day, but for sometime now they’ve been on radio shows only. After a long stint of doing other things (how dare they leave me!) they are back for a twelve week run.

One of the best parts of the Adam and Joe Show (BBC 6 music on saturday mornings) is a section called Song Wars, where they pick  a theme, each one makes a song and the listeners choose their favourite. When Quantum of Solace was announced as the name of the new Bond movie (yes, it’s a while ago) I was tickled pink by Joe’s version of what the theme tune could sound like. Shameful the film didn’t take him up if you ask me 😉

and, of course if you like that sort of thing you must listen to our own home grown (groan?) boys, Dermot and Dave on 98FM (weekdays, drive time).

But Adam and Joe (or even Dermot and Dave) are not the only tasty ear worms out this week. The eminently talented, and slightly crazy, Mitch Benn is on podcast 7 (7!) of gatherings of humour. He accepts original songs from artists anywhere with a comedy theme “It’s a showcase for comic songwriters to get their work heard” (man, quality control on that one has got to be tough). You can see his website here – and guidelines for song submission are here. Thanks to this little gem I’ve come across some old favs like Paul and Storm (who have played Dublin and were a joy to behold) and some new interests such as Jake Farr-Wharton.

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Project 12: Part 3: Firm Hand Shape

This is becoming a bit of  habit now.. 3rd one in and, as usual, on the last day of the month. Well. At least it IS a habit. It’s forcing me to read/write/think and that is exactly why I started it in the first place (albeit in shorter bursts than hoped).

This months post was to be on something else, but that one needs more time and thought so away to the files with thee. Todays thought instead is brought to you by hands. Continue reading “Project 12: Part 3: Firm Hand Shape”