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I couldn’t find words of my own. So I tried someone else’s.
Thank you for everything x

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Testing the life of convienence ( sans spell check ) on my new iPhone [thanks Petes] and feeling like it’s one of those 50s World Of The Future come true.
I can dip in and out of the Internet almost too easily now. So everything else should be done with the same mix of ease and convenience.
This mornings triumph was the combo of coffee and breakfast roll. Consider this; cup of coffee stirred by sausage on a stick. Perfect. Okay maybe not.
But I’m working on it 😉

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low tech

sometimes you need to shut everything off and chill out low tech style..  so after roaming the house looking for things to fill my fidgety hands I found an old modelling clay kit. Score!
Trouble was I wanted it to last a while. So I took three hours, thats THREE hours, making individual hairy for my shaggy. Not something to be done too often but it was very relaxing for one night. He’s still not finished but I reckon that can hold for another night.

Go get yourself some Marla! Get your kids some Marla! Make something silly. Send me your photo if you do, I’d love to see.

(note: I used a tray, thank feck, I’d forgotten how the suff gets into every lil crack)