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I’m sitting by your tree

Just before her birthday, her classmates held an event in her name. I heard stories of adventures and chats. Student type evenings in the pub, with regular checks of that ragtag little train table she kept.

She loved learning and reading and people, and all of that was here in one place. She’d be so touched they planted a tree for her. I’m eternally grateful too. They gave me a place to visit, to sit with her a while.

I’m sitting by your tree.

They spoke of you,
They sang for you,
They told the many tales.
The words they said,
Were always right,
Even when they failed.

A tree they left,
To mark your stay,
Position perfect as could be.
From here there’s books,
And bus and train,
And pub with sup.. or three.

It’s one year now,
I’m a stubborn sod,
Refuse to believe you’ve gone.
I think of you,
Just travelling,
As you’ve always done.

And til the time,
We can meet again,
I’ll sit here by your tree.
Near book and bus,
Train and pub,
I’ll hold your drink.. Or three.


a bit of a shutter bug with a soft spot for antique cameras

4 thoughts on “I’m sitting by your tree

    1. Every so often I just get a moment … I see people with her build or outfit taste and expect it to be her! Silly.

      1. Not silly at all… It was years before I stopped thinking “I’ll just let Nanna know what Gary is doing” 😦 always in our hearts.

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