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Project 12: Part 3: Firm Hand Shape

This is becoming a bit of  habit now.. 3rd one in and, as usual, on the last day of the month. Well. At least it IS a habit. It’s forcing me to read/write/think and that is exactly why I started it in the first place (albeit in shorter bursts than hoped).

This months post was to be on something else, but that one needs more time and thought so away to the files with thee. Todays thought instead is brought to you by hands.

During the week we were discussing how designers (and other professionals)  make lives easier for each other in certain ways and how there can be a bit of an ‘old boy network’ in some things. Which brought up the Stone Masons. I got to check out the Mason Lodge in Dublin during the Open House night 2010. The building for the most part is like some old school house with these unexpected rooms with bursts of grandeur and ceremony. It seems, as I understand it that the Handshake thing is real.. but it’s not what you think. They didn’t have CVs back in the day. So, as the stone masons were first and foremost a group of tradesmen, one way to prove the level of competency you had achieved was through this ‘special handshake’.  Pretty good system if you ask me. A really simple idea communicated and understood without language barriers (yes, yes, I know there is sign language but I was more intrigued by this as communication of an idea/status/ideal in one swoop, rather than mere of words) .

On a continuing Hand thought; Have you seen Labyrinth? Please say you have. During one scene our heroine falls down into a pit filled with arms and hands which then start to form face shapes and speak. When I first saw it I was both slightly creeped out and really impressed. Check out this vid of behind the scenes of Jim Hensons Lab working out the hands. Love to watch this kind of creativity in progress:

(20 minutes left in the month. yeesh. this habit needs a bit of tweaking 😛 )


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