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You never forget your first

tiger I’ve been in print/art/design for a long time. I’ve had many firsts. Each one gives a little thrill. The first album cover, the first van wrap you see drive past, the first 40 foot building wrap (on a cinema). They don’t come along often and I count myself blessed in each of my opportunities.

One of the ‘firsts’ I’ve not gotten to break into is cartoons/comics. I’ve doodled and drawn, done the 24hour world comic day, done the comic creator challenge.. but comercially, never gotten to do it. Tried many times mind you. But clients have always gone for the graphics/photos options.

Until today.

Today I get to be a commercial cartoonist. I’m buzzing like a kid after their first candy floss 🙂

The ad is for

for the ics data protection course


a bit of a shutter bug with a soft spot for antique cameras

17 thoughts on “You never forget your first

  1. Woop Woop! Well done! It’s always great to have a first, the next ones never provide for that same funny feeling!

    Hopefully you’ll be able to pusblish some more – t is a funny comic indeed and I wouldn’t mind seeing some more!

    1. awww. Thanks John!
      that means a lot given how deadly you are at illustrations and art and graphics and web and.. 😀

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