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Sound bites: An evening with Joe Cornish

On friday October 30th, thanks to Peter and Fintan of the Film Photography Workshops, I got to be at “an evening with Joe Cornish“.
Joe is a long standing landscape photographer. He’s tall, remarkably slight (for a man who lugs 20kgs of equipment up and down moutnains) and soft but clearly spoken. He is completly enamoured of the nature of the world he’s seen and it was hard not to get caught up with him in the amazing views to be had at 20,000 feet. Seeing his work did malke me glad I hadn’t booked in to the workshop in wicklow the next day. I’d have to be dragged up those hills!
Here are some sound bites from the evening:

On taking photos in america
“nature itself was the source of art”
“the wilderness was better than anything I had previously experienced”
“the [over bright midday] sun was too much sauce”
“if you’ve got great ingredients don’t hide them”
“if you get it right upside down then it’s certainly going to work the right way round”
“nature is the source of inspiration”
“revisit places that you have been to and try and find a new way of expressing it”
“it’s important that photographs do have a meaning for us personally”

On photographing in Scotland
“the weather Never Never played ball”
“scotlands landscape and clouds are intimatly conected. I’ve learned to accept that”
20kg bag and backpacking alone “not always safe”
“rain can be a wonderful gift because the colours are quite literally saturated”
“images should be the distillation of the spirit of a place”
“match your subject to your conditions”
“working hard is a big part of being a landscape photographer… its the hardest experiences that give images that are most memorable”
“ice is a living artform of nature”
“you can’t change the weather, you can’t do anything about it, you just do the best you can”
“dawn is a very important moment”
“mind bogglingly ancient landscapes”
“the effort made the experience for me”

My question, on being reduced a single piece of equipment, apart from the camera itself

“the Tripod”
given how often he seems to be wading through rivers, hills and snow drifts I’m not surprised!


a bit of a shutter bug with a soft spot for antique cameras

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